Yahoo CEO Candidate (And Yahoo Board Member) David Kenny Resigns From Akamai

david kenny

Photo: Akamai

Here’s a fresh, if minor, twist in the Yahoo saga.Yahoo board member, and potential CEO, David Kenny is stepping down from his post as president at Akamai.

This makes him free to be CEO of Yahoo, should he want the job, and if Yahoo was willing to offer it to him.

In the release announcing his resignation, Kenny said, “I now want to return to my first passion of pursuing emerging opportunities on the consumer Internet.”

We’ve heard Kenny is openly campaigning to win the job. We also heard he was meeting with PE groups that were looking at Yahoo.

Fund manager, and Yahoo shareholder, Eric Jackson scoffed at idea of Kenny as CEO on Twitter saying, “David Kenny was a bad fit from the start at $AKAM, charged to start a new biz that never panned out. He will not be the next $YHOO CEO.”

We asked Jackson why he didn’t think Kenny would get the CEO slot, and replied, “Because this board needs to sell the goddamned company and not screw around with a new CEO.”

Fair points! Maybe Kenny can convince the newest owners of Yahoo to make him CEO.

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