David Jones Is Still Waiting For Mango's Written Assurances On Bangladesh Worker Safety

David Jones is on track to start selling Spanish clothing line Mango in Australian stores in August but is waiting on a critical document before the deal goes ahead.


Mango was embroiled in the horrific garment factory collapse in Bangladesh last month in which more than 1,100 workers were killed.

David Jones said today that it expected to start selling the hugely popular label in August as planned, but was still awaiting written confirmation of Mango’s agreement to a new accord designed to protect Bangladesh’s factory workers in the wake of the tragedy.

Helen Karlis, David Jones General Manager Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations, said today the company had asked Mango to formally advise it was a signatory of a new safety agreement in Bangladesh.

“If they can’t satisfy us that they are adopting ethical practises then our rule of thumb is that David Jones does not stock items that do not adhere to ethical sourcing,” Karlis said.

While Mango has publicly signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, Ms Karlis said the Barcelona-based brand must notify DJs to meet the obligations of their business deal.

The scandal in Bangladesh threw the international spotlight onto sweatshops and Mango, who had ordered clothing from a factory within the now destroyed building.

Mango is understood to now be undertaking a full safety standards review and Ms Karlis has applauded the international retailer’s decision to back the accord.

Despite the pending request from David Jones Ms Karlis is also confident the brand will be up and running for a national rollout within months.

“It is a formality, there is no indication that they [Mango] won’t come back to us [with confirmation of being a signatory of the accord] before August drop of inventory.”

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