Tony Bellew has promised to end David Haye's career when the boxers fight again next month

David HayeDan Mullan / Getty ImagesThe last time David Haye faced Tony Bellew he was punched through the ropes.

A rematch between heavyweight boxers David Haye and Tony Bellew has been scheduled for December 17 at the 02 Arena in London.

Bellew upset the odds when he defeated Haye in a dramatic bout in March.

With the fight precariously poised at the halfway mark, Haye suffered an Achilles injury.

Bellew was able to capitalise and sent him through the ropes with a flurry of punches in the 11th round.

Moments later, the referee waved the fight off to award Bellew a knockout victory.

Bellew intends to finish the job in December. “I will end David Haye’s career. Another loss to me closes the curtain on the Hayemaker,” he said in press release announcing the fight.

“He’s another year old, the body is more worn and he won’t be able to live with a younger, fresher and more active fighter, he just can’t sustain the tempo and pace once we go past three or four rounds.”

Haye has undergone seven months of rehabilitation to recover from his Achilles problem, but is still confident he can overcome Bellew in a rematch.

“Seven months ago, what I believed to be the impossible actually happened,” Haye said. “Tony Bellew found a way to leave the ring victorious. Going into that fight I believed Tony needed to win the lottery to get the victory. And guess what, he did. But nobody wins the lottery twice.

“Bellew has got the rematch he wanted, I’ve got the rematch I wanted, and the boxing fans have the rematch they wanted.”

The fight will be shown on Sky Sports Box Office on December 17. Unusually, it will take place on a Sunday night. Big-time boxing shows are traditionally held on Saturdays.

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