David Hasselhoff Tweet Teases The Possibility Of The Hoff Himself Starring In Your 3D Printed Selfies

Selfies are already heading for beyond the next level.

The most annoying, addictive digital phenomenon of the smartphone era has already gone three dimensional with the rise of affordable 3D printers for home knocking out figurines of yourself in various pouting poses.

Now The Hoff looks like he may be offering you the chance to add him alongside you in the Pool Room.

The Knight Rider tweeted this yesterday:

That’s Baywatch hero Mitch Buchannon he’s holding, in case you’re too young to remember the hugely successful 90s series about a bunch of LA lifeguards.

The tweet coincided with an announcement at the IAB Engage conference, currently under way in London, that Hasselhoff had teamed with Things3D for the creation of something called SmartSelfies.

3DPrint.com chased down Things3D for more information, and wheedled this out of its founder and director Chris Byatte.

“Joe (Wee) and I have known David (Hasselhoff) for a few years – we worked on his upcoming iOS game ‘Zombie Beach’ whilst at Chillingo (the company we sold to EA in 2010).

“It’s really great to be working with David again – his number one priority are his fans. Using our patented smart 3D printing platform, he’ll be able to push content to the owners of Hoff SmartSelfies(TM), paving a completely new way of engaging his fans with fun and entertaining content.”

Byatte promised more will be revealed soon, but 3DPrint say that it most likely points to the chance for fans to send in their selfies and be rewarded with a 3D figurine of themselves hanging with The Hoff.

They also speculate on a bunch of other exciting possibilities, such as receiving soundbite updates direct from The Hoff himself.

It all sounds a bit… irresistible. Read more about it at 3DPrint.

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