David Einhorn Made It To Day 2 In The World Series Of Poker

einhornEinhorn at the final table at the WSOP in 2006

The billionaire hedge fund manager David Einhorn made it to the second day in the World Series of Poker today with 94,400 chips.Einhorn beat everyone at his table (#92) and scored pretty high compared to the rest of the players’ scores we’re seeing on day 2A (download the full list of who was there by on this site).

Einhorn’s current total is more than double the 45,555 average stack of chips for the entrants remaining, according to Bloomberg. The leader is Fred Berger of Las Vegas, with 209,000 chips.

Here’s who’s sitting at Einhorn’s table. *Note how right now he’s beating a guy he lost to in 2006 – Fred Goldberg.

  • Ruby Timlin from The Woodlands, Texas (5,375 chips)
  • Jorn Walthaus, who’s made it to the final table in poker competitions in the past, from Amsterdam (15,150 chips)
  • Fred Goldberg, who came in #10 at the 2006 WSOP — the year Einhorn finished #18 — from Hollywood, Florida (50,225 chips)
  • John Procopion, who was the director of sellside execution services in Citi’s electronic trading solutions group as of 2007, from New York, NY (47,850 chips)
  • Russell Crane, a 23-year old who likes skateboarding, football, and chess from Howell, New Jersey (27,025 chips)
  • Dylan Thomassie from Champaign, IL (34,950 chips)
  • Michael Scanlin, who founded Scanlin Investments, from Mountain View, CA (20,600 chips)
  • Andrew Teng, a 23-year old pro poker player from London, GB (39,950 chips)

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