David Einhorn Jumps On The GM Bandwagon, Slashes Financials And Beefs Up Tech

David Einhorn

Greenlight’s latest 13-F is out.

Because of a leaked investor letter we already knew that David Einhorn had opened large stakes in Yahoo and Best Buy.

He’s also opened a new stake in CVS, and in GM (~43.4 million shares), much like other hedge funders did in the last quarter of 2010.

Overall Greenlight slashed energy holdings and also decreased financials inclduing stakes in Fifth Street and CIT.

Meanwhile, Greenlight picked up tech stock like Microsoft, but had its biggest sector jump in the consumer discretionary sector.

Greenhorn’s Apple stake remained the same, so did his Sprint-Nextel and BP stakes.

Einhorn liquidated positions in Flagstar, Potash, Verigy and Everest.

Greenlight’s top 10 holdings are:

  1. Pfizer
  2. Apple
  3. CIT
  4. Carefusion
  5. Sprint-Nextel
  6. Ensco
  7. Travellers
  8. Microsoft
  9. MKT Vect-Gold
  10. NCR