David Einhorn Unveils Big Boston Scientific Holding, Reports Increased Stake In CIT

David Einhorn

David Einhorn’s Greenlight bought a huge stake in Boston Scientific (BSX) in the fourth quarter of last year.

The hedge fund now owns almost $300 million in BSX stock, making the medical technology company its largest holding.

According to Marketfolly, Greenlight’s six largest disclosed long positions are Arkema, Boston Scientific, CIT Group, Ford Motor Company debt, gold, and Vodafone Group.

So Einhorn is still bullish on gold, and is really liking health care bets (like BSX and Carefusion) right now.

Marketfolly interestingly notes that Einhorn’s new stake in CIT is most likely a result of the debt to equity conversion. (In contrast, Third Avenue recently dropped all of its CIT stock.)

Read the entire breakdown of Greenlight’s 4th quarter holdings.

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