Now We Know Why David Einhorn Yelled “Go Mets!” At The End Of A Conference Yesterday

einhorn mets

First Stevie Cohen, now Greenlight’s David Einhorn has been mentioned as a possible buyer of the Mets.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed across several news agencies that Einhorn will purchase a minority stake for $200 million.

Earlier today, the New York Times reported that the Mets have settled on a new minority owner and two people who were close to the bidding process said the hedge funder was the main man.

ESPN reported: “The New York Mets have agreed to sell less than 49 per cent of the club to David Einhorn, president of Greenlight Capital Inc., for approximately $200 million”

Now, a little incident that happened at the Ira Sohn Investor Conference yesterday makes much more sense.

After Einhorn finished his presentation (in which he slammed Microsoft for keeping Steve Ballmer around), he began to walk off the stage. Then he suddenly turned around, and walked back to the microphone and said, “one more thing.”

And then he yelled, “GO METS!”

At the time everyone just turned to each other and their faces betrayed a similar reaction: that was weird.

Of course, now it makes sense. He could barely contain his excitement about his latest (potential) investment!

Meanwhile, he was a little less glowing about another investment…

BONUS: Check out this adorable photo of Einhorn circa 35 years ago, in his Mets baseball gear, at Dealbreaker.