Celebrity chef David Chang: 'You know what's better than pumpkin pie? Any kind of pie!'

Celebrity chef David Chang thinks pumpkin pie is garbage.

Speaking with food website Lucky Peach, Chang said that you are better served eating literally anything else.

“Listen, pumpkin pie is not delicious by any means,” Chang said. “You know what’s better than pumpkin pie? Any kind of pie! Everything in the world is better.”

Of course, lots of Americans seem to disagree with Chang. Costco, for instance, sells more than 1 million pumpkin pies on the week of Thanksgiving every year.

Though this 1 million pies sold figure is not necessarily endorsement of pumpkin pie per se, but could merely be a rote habit among Thanksgiving shoppers who get a pumpkin pie because, “there’s always a pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.” (Which could also be said for Thanksgiving’s primary attraction: turkey.)

In our view, it’s likely that pumpkin pie’s popularity persists, in part, because overall it’s a pretty flexible dessert item that can more or less be used as a vehicle to consume ice cream or whipped cream.

But this doesn’t make it right.

Last year, Business Insider’s Megan Willett exposed pumpkin pie for what it really is: a pie that involves basically no pumpkin at all.

What you’re mostly tasting is a spice mix of cinnamon, cloves, gingers, and nutmeg — or a “pumpkin” flavoring that is also used in Starbucks’ notorious pumpkin spice latte — combined with a “pumpkin” canned mix made with a squash called Cucurbita moschata.

Though as Chang noted, the only thing more disgusting than pumpkin pie is pumpkin pie made with fresh pumpkin.

Thanksgiving is a holiday for eating, and so you should stick with the foods that are actually good.

Which in the view of at least one famous chef is definitely not pumpkin pie.

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