David Cameron Brands Fellow Conservative 'Idiotic' For Calling Opening Ceremony 'Leftie Multi-Cultural Crap'

david cameron

Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images

David Cameron has some stern words for Aidan Burley, the Conservative MP who tweeted that the London Olympics opening ceremony was “leftie multi-cultural crap” on Friday.Cameron, making reference to a  somewhat notorious quote he once made (“Too many tweets make a twat“), told reporters today:

“I did once say something about people who use Twitter, particularly politicians, and I think in this case I was absolutely spot on. I think what he said was completely wrong, an idiotic thing to say.”

It isn’t the first time that Cameron has had to deal with Burley, the MP for Cannock Chase. Earlier this year he sacked Burley from his position as a parliamentary private secretary after video emerged of him on a Nazi-themed bachelor party in the Alps.

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