David Cameron Freaked Out When Asked About 'Salacious' Emails From Murdoch's Former Right Hand Woman

Prime Minister’s Question Time in the UK is also rowdy, but today proved even tenser than usual.

Labour MP Chris Byrant asked British Prime Minister about his refusal to publish potentially “salacious” texts and emails between him and Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of the News of the World, and other members of Rupert Murdoch’s News International organisation.

However, PM David Cameron flat-out refused to answer the question.


Refusing to answer a question in PMQT is very unusual, though not technically against any rules.

It’s understandable that Cameron would be testy about his relationship with Brooks. The few texts that have leaked so far show that Cameron was attempting to stand by Brooks, despite her role in the phone hacking scandal that shook the nation last year, and another text showed that Brooks, then the editor of the UK’s largest newspaper, was personally supporting Cameron during his election.

Even more embarrassingly, the texts also revealed that Cameron didn’t know what LOL meant.

Brooks is back in the news this week after a report said she got an $11 million payout when she quit after the phone-hacking scandal. Is there really anything in the emails that could be worse than what’s already in the public domain?

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