British PM David Cameron is joining Tinder to persuade young people to vote

David samantha cameron holidayGonzalo Arroyo Moreno/GettyDavid and Samantha Cameron.

David Cameron has signed up to dating app Tinder, The Times reports.

The Prime Minister plans to place ads on the dating app as part of a marketing campaign to persuade more young people to register to vote in the upcoming EU referendum, according to the report.

“We are always looking for ways to try and encourage people to register to vote,” a source from Downing Street told The Times.

Downing Street is also placing ads on viral publisher LadBible’s properties, according to the report.

Cameron summoned leaders from websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Buzzfeed to Downing Street on Friday and called on them to encourage those eligible to vote to register before the deadline on June 7.

The websites are seen by Downing Street as a way of communicating directly with younger voters, who are generally less likely to vote in elections and referendums, but more likely to be pro-EU than the rest of the population.

More than half (53%) of voters aged 18-to-34 say they want Britain to remain in the EU, compared to just 29% who are pro-Brexit, according to an Opinium/Observer poll. But only 52% of the age group said they would definitely vote on June 23, compared to 81% of people who are aged 54 or above.

David Cameron is leading the campaign for Britain to remain a part of the EU. So his motivation for getting young people out to vote is clear. However, the Tinder campaign is officially non-partisan.

Number 10 and Tinder were not immediately available for comment.

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