David Cameron's Much Anticipated, Bombshell Europe Speech Delayed

British Prime Minister David Cameron has cancelled a key speech he was planning to give on Europe tomorrow, the Evening Standard reports. The decision came in response to the death of British citizens in the Algeria hostage crisis.

The speech, which Cameron was due to read from Holland tomorrow prior to a meeting with the Dutch Prime Minister, was widely expected to announce a renegotiation of the UK’s EU membership.

Due to a number of delays, the speech has become a bit of a joke amongst UK politicos. People have been talking about it since September, and it was originally scheduled for January 22nd, then moved forward to Friday the 19th.

It is now unclear exactly when it will occur, and it appears to be provide more indecision has been which the UK Conservative’s rivals, especially the eurosceptic party UKIP, can capitalise upon.

There’s another problem for Cameron: Patrick Wintour of the Guardian says that a number of journalists have been pre-briefed on the speech, and seem to be sticking to their midnight embargo:

Cameron, for his part, has joked that his approach to the speech has been “tantric”, which of course Taiwanese animators jumped on for their video on the subject:

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