Nigel Farage has slammed David Cameron's EU renegotiation -- and says we're all living in a Communist dictatorship

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has just slammed David Cameron’s proposed renegotiation deal with the EU at a debate in the European Parliament.

Farage, the MEP for South East England, mocked the proposed “emergency brake” on immigration that Cameron proudly announced in a speech on Tuesday, describing it as “more of a handbrake turn.”

He also criticised the so-called “red card” that means, if other EU leaders agree to it, if at least 15 EU countries club together, they will be able to stop the European Parliament passing a law — Farage said that if that wasn’t the case anyway, we’d be living in a Communist dictatorship.

Here’s what he said, the added emphasis is ours:

“Well what that means is, if a majority of parliaments in the European Union can say to Mr Junker, they don’t want one of his directives, is that a cause for celebration? I mean if 15 parliaments can’t stop a piece of law, then we’d be living in a communist dictatorship.

Since the “red card” doesn’t exist yet, Farage is basically saying the EU is currently like a Communist dictatorship. And here’s the main body of of Farage’s speech:

The most bizarre thing Mr Cameron said, is with this deal, he would now vote for Britain to join the European Union, so lets have a little think about that, if the question in June was ‘should we join the European Union’ we’d have to tell the British people, you have to surrender the control and sovereignty of your parliament and have 75% of your laws made somewhere else. Your supreme court will not be supreme, you will be overruled by a court in Luxemburg made up of people who aren’t even judges, you will have to give up your fishing grounds, including in some cases 200 miles of the North Sea and you must cut your links with the Commonwealth and the wider world, because you are no longer fit to negotiate your own global trade deals.

Oh and by the way, for all of this, you will be paying £55 million a day as a membership fee. Would the British people vote for that? Not a snowballs chance in Hades.

And all we have to do is recognise, that while the politicians and the big banks and the big businesses defend their own vested self interests, it’s people power that will win this referendum, and, after we’ve won this referendum, I hope in many other countries in Europe.

Cameron has two weeks to convince other EU leaders to agree to his deal before it is debated at an EU summit on February 18 and 19.

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