Missing Wall Street Journal Reporter's Credit Card Was Reportedly Used In Mexico

A 55-year-old Wall Street Journal reporter went missing in New Jersey on Saturday, and sources tell NBC News that his credit card was used in Mexico on Wednesday night.

David Bird’s disappearance has baffled police, who say they have little to go on. Volunteers, helicopters, ATVs, horses, and divers in the Passaic River have been searching for Bird for days.

He left his house without his mobile phone to go on a walk and never came back.

Bird’s family thinks his disappearance may be tied to his reporting on the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, according to NBC.

Bird covers energy markets for the Journal and wrote about OPEC often, but it’s unclear why his family believes his disappearance might be tied to his coverage.

His wife said he had been sick with a gastrointestinal virus before he went on a walk Saturday.

There is so far no sign that Bird was planning a trip or that he was hurt by anyone, including himself.

Bird and his wife have two children, ages 12 and 15, according to the Wall Street Journal. He also took medication twice a day because he was the recipient of a liver transplant, and he left home without it. Bird could become sick without the medication.

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