REPORT: Hedge Funder Who Uses Twitter A Lot Is Being Investigated And Allegedly Attempted Suicide

A hedge fund manager known for his prominent Twitter presence is under investigation and has attempted suicide, The Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation reports.

The Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation is a project of veteran investigative reporter Roddy Boyd.

Akron based hedge fund manager, Anthony Davian of Davian Capital Advisors (on Twitter as @hedgieguy) is facing doubts from observers, investors and former employees about claims that his hedge fund has a $200 million AUM and has produced consistent returns.

In late June the Secret Service and  U.S. Postal Service searched Davian and confiscated computer drives and records, according to the report.

And while it is unclear how the investigation started,  SIRF also reports that has taken a serious toll on Davian himself.

From the SIRF:

Things got even worse: After Anthony Davian’s wife found him passed out in their car suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, he was rushed to the intensive care unit of a hospital. Meanwhile, a growing number of regulators swarmed over the fund asking some very pointed questions about what had happened.

Davian built his reputation through YouTube videos and a widely circulated newsletter of trading tips.

As of last week, Davian maintains that there are no problems at the firm.

We’ve reached out to Davian’s lawyers, and they’ve decline to comment.

For the full report head to the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation>

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