David Letterman Wanted Conan For The Jay Leno-Oprah Spot

leno conan ap

What would have made the David Letterman-Jay Leno-Oprah Winfrey spot worth watching?

Conan O’Brien.

According to The Wrap, Rob Burnett, executive producer of David Letterman’s Late Show, said he approached Conan’s team about appearing in the Super Bowl commercial.

“There was an initial thought of having Dave, Jay and Conan together in the spot,” Burnett told TheWrap. “I did call Jeff Ross (O’Brien’s producer) to talk about it.”

But the call came just as O’Brien and Ross were finishing up production on “The Tonight Show” — and nothing ever came of the idea.

“It wasn’t as if they even said no,” Burnett said. “I just think they weren’t in a position to consider it all.”

Certainly Conan might have made the 30-second promo a bit more interesting (it’s a bit of a snore). But Conan is probably too busy scheming his own comeback to worry about promoting CBS.

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