Actor Dave Franco reveals what it was like to audition to play young Han Solo

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Dave Franco. Getty

Dave Franco (“Now You See Me,” “Neighbours”) was one of the bigger names to audition for the young Han Solo role that is currently being cast for a standalone movie about the legendary “Star Wars” character coming out in 2018.

While at CinemaCon last week to promote his upcoming movie, “Now You See Me 2,” Franco gave MTV a glimpse into the audition process.

Franco, who is no longer in the running for the role, said he went in one time and had fun doing the audition, but because of the project’s high profile, the news quickly went everywhere, and he had to tell people, “I know as much as you do.” Which was very little.

But he did admit that the challenge in casting the role is trying to figure out what the movie’s directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, are looking for.

“I’m not good with impressions,” Franco told MTV, and so he said he didn’t try to mimic Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Solo in his audition. “I think that’s the reason it’s so hard to cast this role, too. Do they want someone to perfectly embody who Harrison Ford is or do they want to go a completely different route? Do they want someone to look really similar to him? I don’t know, I think they are struggling with that.”

Last week, Deadline reported that 26-year-old actor Alden Ehrenreich (“Hail, Caesar!”) is the frontrunner for the role, according to sources close to the casting.

Watch Franco talk about the Han Solo audition here:

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