Why Dave Chappelle says he made 2 new Netflix specials: 'Money'

On Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” comedian Dave Chappelle opened up about why he made not just one, but two new comedy specials for Netflix.

The specials are his first in 13 years, and they made their exclusive Netflix debut on Tuesday.

“Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin” was filmed at The Palladium in Los Angeles one year ago, and “Dave Chappelle: Deep in the Heart of Texas” was filmed at the Moody Theatre in Austin two years ago.

Both specials are packed with everything Chappelle is known for, including hilarious social commentary on sensitive topics, like O.J. Simpson and sexual-assault allegations against Bill Cosby.

“We’re very, very excited that you put out these comedy specials. Thirteen years: Like a locust, you have returned with these. Why did you decide to put two of them out?” Kimmel asked. 

“Money,” Chappelle said.

Indeed, he did earn a lot of it: a reported $US60 million for the two specials.

Watch Chappelle on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” below:


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