Daughter launches extensive Twitter campaign to score her 67-year-old mum a date

Kate Hoit wants to find her hockey-loving mum a date. 

67-year-old Diane Hoit of Albany, New York, has been taking care of her husband — Kate’s dad, Bill — for the last 10 years as he battles Alzheimer’s. Kate tells the Times Union she hasn’t recognised the dad she grew up with since she was deployed in 2004. And she says her mum, Kate, tireless caretaker, is lonely.

Her Facebook status says it all: It’s complicated.

So Kate did what any internet-savvy daughter would do — she launched a Twitter campaign and hashtag to find her mum love. 

And #DateDiane was born.

According to the Times Union,

[Diane] loves to travel. She loves to dance. She loves music. But unless it’s with her best girlfriend — the one who came pounding on the door to demand Diane pull it together in those months after Bill’s diagnosis when Diane missed work for a week and barely left her bed — she doesn’t go out. She feels silly going places alone, even browsing through Target. (“I don’t want to go to a hockey game by myself. I’d feel like an idiot.”) So she goes to work, where she’s in the Washington Irving Educational Center guidance department, cheerleading kids through getting their GEDs. She’s done it so well — so many kids had credited her with helping them reach their goals — that the district gave her the Golden Apple Award last year.

The hashtag, which Kate started over the weekend, got picked up by Dr. Phil and Cosmopolitan.

People have been using the hashtag to cheer Diane on. Friends have chimed in. “No disrespect to anyone else,” one woman tweeted, “but she’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met.”

Kate even uploaded a 15-second video of her mum busting a move, though Diane was reluctant to have her daughter share it with the world online.

No official dates yet, but Diane is ok with that.

“I’m OK,” Diane tells the Times Union. “It would be nice to have … I refer to it as a hockey buddy, not attached to my hip and nobody’s going to get their mail at my house. … Nothing heavy duty.”

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