Dating Website Thinks You're Likely Too Ugly To Use Its New Recruitment Tool

Beautifulpeople.comThe attractive-people-only dating website earlier this week released a recruitment tool for employers.

We wonder how long until Abercrombie & Fitch starts using it.

Playing into the stereotype for a moment, being beautiful has a lot of advantages. Folks with a finely tuned face are more confident, can get a job more quickly and are paid more than less attractive coworkers.

Hotties also tend to bring in more money for their company, so it was really only a matter of time until someone developed a place where employers could go to hire beautiful people. plays into these beliefs and says, “an attractive face is always a great first impression for any business.”

Jumping off the beautiful people bandwagon for a moment, we realise that strictly playing the beauty and exclusivity card can also seriously come around to bite back. Just ask A&F CEO Mike Jeffries, he’ll tell you all about it.

Maybe A&F won’t be using’s recruitment tool after all.

But so far, there have been a few job listings posted on the dating site, such as Fifth Capital Management in Dallas who is looking for an Investment Advisor Representative. The job’s requirements are as follows:

The open position (2) we have right now is for Investment Advisor Representative. We are not necessarily looking for someone with a financial background, but someone with good people skills. We offer training and on going (sic) support in addition to a very competitive payout structure. All candidates must pass the Series 65 or 66 exams, prior to being hired – Minimum score of 80%.

Wealth Management – financial service – Dubai
Sales- London, UK.

In 2011, David Teten, a partner at Venture Capital, gave a TED talk titled “Online Dating is the Future of Your Business” and says that “successful online dating startups are models for new businesses,” because dating sites allows users to target their specific audience and not waste time on people who aren’t interested in their goods and services. claims its mission is reasonable, because “numerous studies have shown that consumers tend to respond more positively and are more receptive to attractive people,” and if your business would benefit from a good-looking staff, hiring attractive people will “give your business that competitive edge.”

Laura Beck at Jezebel counters that has a “very narrow” definition of beautiful, which includes “able-bodied and thin” people. Beck says this could potentially “open the site and employers up to lawsuits from people who don’t fit those rigid standards.”

Despite potential discriminatory practices, there will always be companies who want to hire attractive people to represent their brand (hello again A&F CEO Mike Jeffries).’s free service intends to give individuals and companies access to its 750,000 member base of “attractive” people.

To become one of those 750,000 “beautiful people,” potential members are required to submit a head shot that will be rated by existing members of the opposite sex, which the company says is a “fair and democratic” process. You have to be deemed beautiful by 50% of the votes. This is to allow attractive people to date, network, and work for other beautiful people.

So much for advancement based on merit.

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