Dating Coach Reveals Where You Should Really Go To Pick Up Women

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A dating coach has revealed where men should really go to pick up women. “I will say that Bed Bath and Beyond is highly underrated,” the coach, a 32-year-old Hollywood resident, said in a Q&A on 

The man said he worked with clients on “pick-up arts,” which help men seem more appealing to the kind of women they’d like to date. 

Here’s his typical client: 

“In my bootcamp there was a 23-year-old millionaire who had been with 300 women, a guy nearing his 50s, a successful Asian director, and a bunch of computer programmers. I’d say about 20% of my clients are, well…virgins. But there are plenty of regular dudes…investment bankers, lawyers, etc who just need the nudge.”

Why just switching from club to coffee shop to pick up women doesn’t work: 

“If you have “zero game” as you say, it’s unlikely to improve just because you set foot in an establishment that serves coffee instead of alcohol. Women don’t change species just because they are in a club. Work on the game part first…are you anxious? Dull? Overly deferential? Address whatever it is head on. Once you’ve managed that, then you can start worrying about the types of venues that will enable you to meet the most compatible women.”

How to not take rejection personally: 

“One word: Volume. The more you do it, the less any one approach means to you. If you work up the nerve all night to talk to one girl and it doesn’t go well you’ll feel it a lot more than you would if she was one of 10 you talked to that night. Over time you’ll also develop a thicker skin and a realisation of how much of a woman’s decision to say “yes” is influenced by a multitude of factors you have nothing to do with.”

And the worst mistakes men make while picking up women: 

Bragging. Or worse, humblebragging. It’s utterly transparent. I’m sure you are proud of the Law & Order-worthy case you’ve laid out of why she should like you but that’s not really how it works. As far as correcting it, pretty simple. Knock it off.”

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