This dating app uses your heartbeat to help you find a match

Having your heart race when you’re attracted to someone is a classic trope of new love.

And now a dating app called “Once” is trying to capitalise on that by using your heart rate to help match you with a potential date.

Here’s how it works.

“Once” connects to either a Fitbit or Android Wear device, tracking your heart rate while you look at someone’s profile. In the current version, the app shows you your heart rate in real time, but in an upcoming release, you’ll be able to send it to your prospective match, according to TechCrunch.

And the most compelling use of this feature would seem to be “Once” notifying two users that their hearts were both beating fast while looking at each other’s profile. 

Beyond the heart rate feature, “Once” works by showing you one particular match per day, curated by humans. The intent is to slow down the dating process from the swiping frenzy of Tinder, similar to what the app Coffee Meets Bagel has seen success doing.

For the moment, “Once” is only available in Europe, but it already has 600,000 active users, according to TechCrunch.

Here is the video introducing the heart rate feature:

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