This Startup Has Figured Out Which City Has The Fastest Drivers

Peak PitchBusiness Insider / Jillian D’OnfroJamyn Edis, CEO and cofounder of Dash

Jamyn Edis, the CEO and cofounder of the driving startup Dash, told Business Insider that he likes to describe the company as the “Nest for cars.”

Like the smart thermostat company that Google recently acquired, Dash helps users save money while being more environmentally friendly while they drive.

The idea is that you plug a dongle into your car’s diagnostics board. That dongle, along with Dash’s app, then tracks 300 data points about your driving, including how often you hard-break or speed. It uses that data to grade your driving.

Dash just hit a milestone — its users logged 5 million driving miles — and the startup used that data to discover some interesting statistics about where the best and worst drivers live.

Dash rates drivers on a scale from 1 to 100 based on the following things:

Rochester, New York, has the best drivers in the country:

Turns out, Hoboken, New Jersey, has the fastest drivers. New Jersey also claims the worst drivers:

Volvo drivers do it right:

People are hitting the road the most after work around 6 p.m.:

Now, for something on the lighter side ...

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