Dartmouth Valedictorians Explain That They're Working On Wall Street To 'Make Real Impact'

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Photo: Flickr / ecstaticist

Remember how we reported that three of Dartmouth’s 2012 Valedictorians are headed to work on Wall Street after graduation?Well, they kindly explained to us why.

The Dartmouth, the university’s student newspaper, has re-interviewed the valedictorians and shared their answers. 

Here’s what the finance-bound grads had to say.

Finance is a great field to learn responsibility and to make real impact…And with the tough economy out there, finance can have the potential to help conditions and really improve conditions today.”

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but to me, [finance] is just something that if you go into it with a strong bill of confidence you can make a strong and meaningful impact

“There is criticism but that does not mean that these jobs are not a good learning experience for someone going into business or finance

Fair enough, but these kids must know there are other ways to make an “impact.”

[h/t IvyGate]

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