Darthmouth students get sprayed with Keystone Light after singing a song about beer

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Rolling Stone’s piece, “Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: Inside Dartmouth’s Hazing Abuses,” details the story of Andrew Lohse, a brother at Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and the behaviour that led him to write an editorial condemning frat culture in January.There’s a quick post about the story on TheDartmouth.com (the school’s newspaper), but it’s really dry. The interesting stuff is in the comments section below the post.

Here are a few that caught our eye:  

  • From SAE ’07: “Pretty much accurate. Sorry for partying.”
  • From Anonymous: “So, let me get this strait: a magazine that makes its money by idolizing the drug culture and condoning wild parties wants us to say ‘tut-tut’ when we read an article condemning alleged drug use and parties? Hypocrisy at its finest. On the flip side, there is not ONE Fraternity or Sorority that in any way supports, condones or encourages any of the behaviours mentioned. Much the opposite. These organisations are the ONLY ones who are actually concerned and, more importantly, accountable. This is done via education, insurance and Alumni involvement. If your son or daughter gets drunk and falls off a balcony at a wild house party but is NOT a member of a Fraternal organisation, there is NO support. IF THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENS and they are a part of the Greek system, you can bet that there will be consequences, accountability and serious repercussions. So, which will it be? Errors in judgement with or without accountability – your choice. That’s the difference that being a member of a Fraternal organisation makes. Drugs, booze, sex and networking are a part of every Campus. Fraternities and Sororities are an easy target because they are organised – plain and simple. This is a cheap shot designed to sell the Rolling Stone.”
  • From Honover Resident: “What a sad cast of characters: Lohse; Neurotic scumbag with delusions of grandeur. Participants in the Dartmouth Greek System, their enablers and supporters: Dartmouth’s Chapter of The Taliban (with a similar level of concern for human dignity), their moral compass is completely connected to the protection of the interests of their tribe. For these folks,a crucial part of an Ivy League education is to shed empathic instincts in favour of the sort of self-righteous sociopath that will make them successful in the business world. Dartmouth’s Administration: The ultimate poster children for fecklessness, impuissance and seemingly willful ineffectiveness. What a shame.”
  • From Anonymous: “The administration prides itself on its PR. It’s critics complain that PR is the only priority. Then, how did this happen? Maybe Dominique Strauss-Kahn should be the next president. He’d know what to do.”
  • From Actual Journalist: “as much as Janet (the Rolling Stone writer) wants to make Lohse a sympathetic character, her characterization of him clearly shows that she’s willing to twist facts to fit her image of what the story should be. Embarrassing from a professional journalist, and does nothing to instill my confidence in her work.”
  • From Anonymous: “”Members and former members of several other Dartmouth fraternities, including Zeta Psi and Sigma Nu, spoke to Reitman about their negative opinions of the Greek system.” This is just too good.”

Sounds like we have ourselves a debate.

Now see what Dartmouth frat boys have to do>

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