Darth Vader's life-saving suit could work in real life -- here's how

“Surprisingly a lot of his suit is actually possible,” Jon Chase, co-author of the book The Science of Star Wars, told Business Insider.

In this video, Mr. Chase makes a comparison between Darth Vader’s suit and Nasa’s EMU suit. He said: “[Darth Vader’s] suit apparently has 10 different layers. Those 10 layers have to protect him from impacts and to keep him cool as well because he’ll get really hot in it.
“The equivalent space suit we use now, used by Nasa, is called the EMU. That has up to 15 layers and is very bulky. It has to do the same things as Darth Vader’s suit.”

Produced by Leon Siciliano. Filmed by Claudia Romeo. Special thanks to Joe Daunt and James Cook.

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