Darren Criss And Deborah Cox Serenade Fab.com's CEO At His Wedding

Jason Goldberg and Christian SchoenherrFab.com CEO Jason Goldberg and his husband, Christian Schoenherr

Photo: Jason Goldberg

Fab.com CEO Jason Goldberg married his longtime boyfriend, Christian Schoenherr, Saturday at Craft, a restaurant in New York City.As we noted when we reported on Goldberg and Schoenherr’s visit to City Hall last month to pick up their marriage licence, it’s been a busy summer for Goldberg, who just raised $105 million for his website, which sells designer wares at a discount.

Glee star Darren Criss and R&B singer Deborah Cox performed at the wedding.

“Deborah and Darren have been avid supporters and promoters of gay rights and marriage equality,” Goldberg told Business Insider via Facebook. “Darren in particular has been a huge supporter of the Trevor Project. Chris and I we’re thrilled to have them perform on our special night.”

(The Trevor Project is a nonprofit effort to prevent suicide among gay and lesbian youth. In 2010, Criss performed at a benefit for the project with singer Katy Perry.)

“It was great,” a wedding guest told us. “Just like Jason: Efficient, fun, high quality.”

Guests included tech figures like Shervin Pishevar, whose firm, Menlo Ventures, invested in Fab.com; and coworkers, including Fab.com CTO Nishith Shah and Bradford Shellhammer, the firm’s chief creative officer.

Goldberg and Schoenherr asked guests to make donations to support efforts to legalise same-sex marriage in four states where, unlike New York, it is not yet legal. The couple made a $100,000 donation to back referendums in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington state.

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