The US Open greens are so bad one golfer hit a perfect putt and still missed

Golfers were freaking out before the US Open about the Chambers Bay golf course. While everybody is playing the same course, some felt the course was unfair going into the tournament.

Several players complained that luck would be more of a factor than how well the ball is struck, and those complaints might be justified.

“You’re going to get some funky bounces out there,” Tiger Woods said before the tournament. “The ball is going to roll and catch slopes. You’re going to see guys hit terrible golf shots and end up in kicking range from the hole. You’re going to see guys fire at the flag and get a good one and get a hard bounce and end up in a hard spot.”

That’s fun for fans. But at the end of the day, golfers should be rewarded for hitting good shots and penalised for bad shots, not the other way around.

We saw a perfect example of this on hole No. 12 from former British Open champion Darren Clarke.

Clarke, who was 5-over at the time, had a 10-foot putt for birdie. He hit a perfect putt, with the announcer even saying it was in before reaching the hole. Then the ball did something typically only seen on miniature golf courses, it veered left and went around the hole.

It was as if the the hole had a force field around it. One announcer exclaimed “that’s impossible” while the other could only say “no, no, no … that’s unfair.”

Clarke took the moment in stride, seeming dumbfounded at first, but later sharing a smile with his caddie.

Other golfers were less forgiving.

Sergio Garcia shot even-par in the opening round, but openly complained about the greens on Twitter.