If You Think Google Glass Is Cool, Check Out What The US Military Is Building

DARPA Glass Military Technology

Photo: via DARPA

The defence Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has successfully combined soldiers brains to technology, using a 120-megapixel camera and multiple computers running complex cognitive algorithms.They call it a “cybernetic hivemind.”

Sebastian Anthony of ExtremeTech reports:

“A soldier sits in front of a computer monitor with an EEG strapped to his head (pictured above). Images from the camera are fed into the computer system, which runs cognitive visual processing algorithms to detect possible threats (enemy combatants, sniper nests, IEDs). These possible threats are then shown to a soldier whose brain then works out if they’re real threats — or a false alarm.”

The technology works off what’s called the P300 response, which is like a jolt of energy through the human brain when it recognises something. Then the brain sends out other waves which describe the recognition as a threat, harmless, or worth checking out.

Now here’s the cool part: Since a soldier can’t sit in front of a computer all day, DARPA plans to record the responses to certain images, and then write an algorithm which could be projected onto the eyepiece of a science fiction future soldiers Head Up Display, or HUD—the HUD, drawing on all the recorded information, would help that soldier recognise threats in the field.

DARPA’s technology is about 91 per cent accurate, they say, but it will only become more accurate as time passes.

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