A Tech Executive With A Samsung Phone Reveals The One Thing He Misses Most About His Old IPhone

Patrick KeaneMichael SetoPatrick Keane, CEO of Sharethrough

Patrick Keane, former Bleacher Report board member and current CEO of Sharethrough, used to have an iPhone.

Now he has a Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung’s current flagship device. He says he likes the S4, but there’s one thing he really misses about the iPhone: an app called Dark Sky.

One of the problems with Samsung phones and other devices running Android is that developers tend to make apps for iPhone first. Some developers never end up bringing their apps to Android because they can make more money from Apple’s App Store. Dark Sky, even though it has been around for years, is currently only available on the iPhone and iPad.

If you aren’t familiar with Dark Sky, it’s a weather app that shows current temperature and precipitation patterns in a multitude of ways. It has real-time charts, maps and graphs. It also sends alerts just before a rain or snow storm is about to strike. The app costs $US3.99 in the App Store.

“Weather is one of the most searched for content categories of all time and I think the majority of sites and apps are not useful and poorly designed,” says Keane. “Dark Sky is amazingly accurate and useful and the design is brilliant.”

Here are a few screengrabs of Dark Sky:

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