Inside The $250 Million "Dark Knight" Sequel's Insane Wayne Manor Mansion


Christopher Nolan‘s $250 million sequel to “The Dark Knight” is shooting in Romania, Pittsburgh and India.

But his Wayne Manor, the iconic home of Bruce Wayne/Batman, is in Nottingham, England.

The behemoth mansion Nolan is using is Wollaton Hall, a 1580s-built Elizabethan structure that’s now open to the public as a landmark.

Rather, it’s usually open to the public.

From now until July 6, Wollaton is closed, presumably so that Christian Bale can stomp moodily around, contemplating Batman-like problems.

Not bad, Bruce.

Wollaton's main hall sees a lot of tourist traffic.

Director Christopher Nolan can do wonders with natural lighting like this.

A better view of the wood-beamed ceiling.

A night view of the mansion will likely make an appearance in the film.

A view from the rear of the building.

The detailing on the mansion's arches is cartoonishly whimsical.

And sometimes all-out crazy.

And if that's not eerie enough for you -- there's a whole room of stuffed birds.

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