Three Dark Knight Rises Posters That Didn't Make The Final Cut

Just when we thought we couldn’t see any new images of the Caped Crusader from “The Dark Knight Rises,” three previously unreleased poster concepts for the film have emerged. 

Trailer Park worked on both key art and posters for the last film in Nolan’s trilogy. (You’ll know them from posters such as this one.)

Here’s a look at three unused one sheets that didn’t make the final marketing cut. We don’t mind the first two; however, we’re at a loss with the third.

Check them out below:

the dark knight rises poster

Photo: Trailer Park

We imagine the heavy repetition of the word “rise” in both this and the next poster is meant to parallel the chants of the same word in the trailers.

the dark knight rises bane

Photo: Trailer Park

The above reminds us a lot of this poster. Then there’s this:

the dark knight rises poster

Photo: Trailer Park

Are those teeth? We’re guessing this is supposed to resemble Bane’s headgear; however, it comes across looking more like Venom’s mouth from Spider-Man.

Plus, the word fear seems out of place. The only thing Batman really ever had to “fear” was the Scarecrow’s fear gas. Given the trajectory of the third film, “reckoning” may have proved more fitting.

Let us know what you think of the poster concepts. Should Warner Bros. have included any of them in the film’s marketing?

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