'Dark Knight' Can't Rise Above 'Spider-Man' In China theatres

the dark knight batmanBatman can’t beat Spider-Man at the China box office.

Photo: Warner Brothers / The Dark Knight

Batman’s no match for Spider-Man at the box office … in China.According to Variety, “The Amazing Spider-Man” out earned “The Dark Knight Rises” by more than a million dollars on the film’s opening day Monday. 

Sony’s “Amazing Spider-Man” reboot grossed $5.4 million compared to Warner Bros. $4.5 million total for the final film in its Batman franchise. 

Spider-man has an additional 415 theatres, 3-D screenings and a shorter viewing time (Spidey is nearly a half hour shorter than “TDKR” allowing for more screenings) to thank for its win over The Dark Knight. 

Despite not beating out Spidey, “TDKR” does take the title of highest 2D opening for a Warner Bros. film in China, knocking out all of the films from the Harry Potter franchise.

Both movies premiered the same day in an effort by China Film Group, who oversees distribution of imported films, to limit the effect of U.S. films on the country’s box office.

In the United States, “The Dark Knight Rises” opened to a weekend estimate of $160 million, nearly $100 million more than “The Amazing Spider-Man” earned domestically its first weekend.

However, the Caped Crusader is still beating the web slinger in total gross revenue overseas, and is inching closer and closer to hitting the billion dollar mark.

Let’s look at a head-to-head of the figures side-by-side: 

The Dark Knight Rises”                 “The Amazing Spider-Man

Opening Weekend (US):                  $161 million                                       $62 million

Domestic Gross:                              $422 million                                        $258 million

Foreign:                                             $519 million                                        $446.5 million

Worldwide:                                        $941 million                                        $704.8 million

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