Far-right candidate Danny Tarkanian switched races to let a Republican senator run unopposed at Trump's request

  • President Trump asked Republican Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian to drop his primary bid against incumbent Nevada Sen. Dean Heller and instead run for the House.
  • Tarkanian has agreed to switch races, according to his wife and local news reports.

At President Donald Trump’s request, Republican Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian will switch races to run for the House seat in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District and end his primary challenge against incumbent Sen. Dean Heller.

First reported by the Reno Gazette Journal on Friday, Tarkanian made the switch after speaking with Trump last week. Trump followed up on Friday, writing on Twitter, “It would be great for the Republican Party of Nevada, and it’s unity if good guy Danny Tarkanian would run for Congress and Dean Heller, who is doing a really good job, could run for Senate unopposed!”

“This was not something I ever considered,” Tarkanian said in a statement. “In my travels throughout the state, I’ve had so many wonderful people thank me for running for the US Senate. They believe in our message and the cause. My incredible staff, mostly volunteers, have invested thousands of hours into this cause. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to them all. I do not want to let any of them down.”

“I am confident I would have won the US Senate race and done a great job representing the people of Nevada in the Senate, but the President is adamant that a unified Republican ticket in Nevada is the best direction for the America First movement,” Tarkanian added. “With President Trump’s full support and endorsement, I am filing to run again in CD3 with the firm belief that we will finish what we started in 2016 and win in 2018.”

Heller’s seat is among the most vulnerable Senate seats for Republicans in 2018, which is being challenged by Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen.

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