Ex-Con Alleges Lies By Prosecutors And Police Put Him Away For 17 Years

danny colon nyc lawsuitDanny Colon

Photo: via the New York Daily News

A man who spent 17 years in jail on a false conviction wants his revenge.In a $120 million lawsuit, Danny Colon is seeking about $7 million for each of the 17 years he spent behind bars, claiming he was wrongfully convicted in a 1989 double homicide, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

In the suit, Colon alleges (via the Daily News):

  • A now-retired NYPD officer Michael (Rambo) Codella who has admitted to beating suspects and planting confessions pushed for Colon’s conviction even though he knew a drug dealer was the real culprit.
  • Key witnesses recanted their damning testimony, which was secured through sweetheart deals, but Colon wasn’t immediately informed.
  • Margaret Finerty, the prosecutor in the case, never told the defence about two witnesses who identified the real killers, which would have exonerated Colon.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Brooklyn, also claims Colon was injured by other inmates during his time in prison. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment to Business Insider; the NYPD did not immediately respond to a request for comment by Business Insider.

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