The Incredible Story Of How An HSBC Banker Got Thrown In Jail For Hooking Up In Dubai

imageHere’s the ex-girlfriend

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New Zealander Toby Carroll, a $160,000-a-year property analyst for HSBC has spent the past month in a Dubai jail after a menage-a-trois went horribly wrong.A 31-year-old British girl, Danielle Spencer, slept with Carroll one night in December.

The next morning, Carroll’s ex-girlfriend showed up at the apartment unexpectedly, and everything turned sour.

Very sour. You won’t believe what happened next.

This is HSBC property analyst, Toby Carroll

Toby Carroll is a pretty normal guy, an HSBC property analyst, who broke up with his Brazilian girlfriend Priscilla in December last year.

Source: The Daily Mail

This is British expat Danielle Spencer

Toby hooked up with Danielle Spencer soon after he'd broken up with his Brazilian girlfriend.

Danielle is a 31-year old who has lived in Dubai since 2004 and was also a property analyst.

Source: The Daily Mail

And the one-night stand they had together changed their lives forever

The evening after Toby broke up with his lady, Toby and Danielle spent the night together.

Source: The Daily Mail

Toby's ex-girlfriend, a 25-year-old Brazilian model, busted in on the two the next morning and went crazy

When Toby's ex-girlfriend caught the two new lovebirds, she went CRAZY with rage.

She slashed furniture with a knife!

Source: The Daily Mail

So Toby called the cops, and all 3 of them got arrested for having ex-marital sex

As you do when your ex is brandishing a weapon, Toby called the police.

And because it's illegal to have extramarital sex in Dubai, all three were then arrested and thrown in jail.

Source: The Daily Mail

They were thrown in jail, where they've been for over a month

They've all been in custody in a Dubai prison since December 12.

What's worse, the two ladies have had to share a cell (with another 90 other female prisoners).

Source: The Daily Mail

And more bad news, Danielle just got fired

As if being thrown in jail isn't enough, Danielle was just fired from her job 'amid concerns about her flirtatiosness.'

Source: The Daily Mail

Apparently it was a long time coming

'She could be extremely flirtatious, both with colleagues and clients,' someone told the Daily Mail.

Source: The Daily Mail

She was a little too popular with men

'Needless to say she quickly became rather popular, but she was becoming an embarrassment for the firm. Extramarital sex is illegal here, and while the authorities will turn a blind eye if you're discreet, I thought she was being pretty flagrant,' a former co-worker said.

Source: The Daily Mail

Her boss didn't want her to get the firm involved in a scandal.

Her fomer boss explained that the real reason she's been sacked is for 'fear her behaviour would cause a scandal' in Dubai and hurt the firm.

Source: The Daily Mail

So Danielle lost a great paying, luxurious job.

Danielle lost a great job.

At her old company, she showed clients around luxury properties, like the Palm Jumeirah sand island complex.

Source: The Daily Mail

Toby, meanwhile, still has his job as far as we know

As for Toby, he has been described as athletic, super-smart, and a keen cyclist. A former co-worker said 'He was enormously capable. He was one of those guys who ends up being better than his masters.'

Source: NZ Herald

He got his start at a hedge fund, then went to Macquarie before HSBC

He was one of the first New Zealanders to get a CFA and started his career at Brook Asset Management, and then went to work for Macquarie.

Source: NZ Herald

But who knows when he'll be working again...

There's still no word on when they'll be released.

Source: NineMSN

Of course, the banking world is no stranger to scandals involving their own...

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