Comedian Daniel Tosh Salutes Oregon Football Team In His Season Finale

Daniel Tosh in Oregon Jersey

Photo: Comedy Central

On the popular show Tosh.O this season, host Daniel Tosh has worn a different college shirt for each episode. Well, he took it to a new level in the season finale by wearing nine different shirts representing the University of Oregon.Of course, this is mimicking the Oregon Ducks football team which is well-known for pushing the limits of football uniform design.

So far this season, Oregon has worn a different uniform combination for each of their 10 games, including a whopping six different helmets.

The neon gloves were a nice touch

Does the University of Oregon still have official colours?

This one is designed to blind the opposition

If the Oregon golf team doesn't wear this, they should

Bill Belichick would wear this if he coached Oregon

Finally something to wear a neon undershirt with

Lance Armstrong meets Oregon Football

Tailgating Tosh

Would anybody be surprised if the Oregon basketball team wore that hat?

Now check out the crazy unis Oregon wore during last year's title game

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