Parents are freaking out after 'Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood' disappeared from Amazon Prime, and it signals an inevitable 'streaming bloodbath'

PBSA still from ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood,’ which was recently removed from Amazon Prime Video.
  • All but two seasons of the children’s television show “Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood” are no longer available on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Parents who whose toddlers watch the show are concerned.
  • Amazon responded to desperate parents on Twitter saying “Our selection changes from time to time.”
  • As more companies launch their own streaming services, people’s favourite shows will be divided among them.

Toddlers are known to be picky about what they eat, wear, and watch. So when parents find something that their kids like, they stick with it.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood,” an animated PBS Kids show inspired by Fred Rogers’ tiger puppet from “Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood,” had become a staple of many toddlers’ lives when parents noticed Monday that it had disappeared from Amazon Prime Video.

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Those who rely on the show to appease their toddlers were not happy about the change.^tfw

Amazon responded to desperate parents through its Amazon Help account, saying that “Our selection changes from time to time.”

PBS Kids confirmed on Twitter that the full “Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood” catalogue is now available exclusively through an add-on subscription channel through PBS’s own streaming service.

As more companies launch their own subscription services (Disney is pulling all of its movies from Netflix in anticipation of starting their own streaming service), people’s favourite shows are bound to become divided among different platforms as they compete for subscribers. Business Insider’s Travis Clark dubbed this growing market a “streaming bloodbath.”

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Sometimes these changes can be stalled, like when Netflix struck a $US100 million deal with AT&T to keep “Friends” for another year. But there will inevitably be more “Daniel Tiger”-like upsets.

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