Daniel Snyder's 8 Worst Redskin Contracts

NFL Washington Redskins

Photo: AP

Donovan McNabb’s five-year deal (with $40 million guaranteed) seems pretty crazy, until you remember that the man who gave it to him is Daniel Snyder.The “generous” owner of the Redskins has made a habit of doling out bloated, long-term contacts to ageing superstars — with a little help from his rotating cast of bumbling general managers — and usually getting a very poor ROI to boot.

However, when you pay $800 million for a football team, a few inflated salaries aren’t going to keep you awake at night.

Bruce Smith -- five-years, $23 million in 2000

He played 62 games for Washington in four years.

Antwaan Randle El -- seven-years, $31 million in 2006

He played 63 games over four years.

Mark Brunell -- seven-years, $43 million in 2004

He played 33 games in four years.

Laveranues Coles -- five-years, $35 million

He played 32 games in two seasons.

Jeff George -- four-years, $18.25 million in 2000

He played 8 games over two years before retiring.

Albert Haynesworth -- seven years, $100 million in 2009

He has played 16 games with Washington, but only 4 in 2010.

Deion Sanders -- seven-years, $56 million in 2000

He played 16 games with Washington in just one season.

Donovan McNabb -- five-years, $78 million in 2010

He's played 8 games so far, thrown more INTs than TDs, and has a 4-4 record. Does anyone think he'll still be in Washington at age 40?

Hard to believe the league could be headed for financial ruin...

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