Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder Wants Reporter Fired For Pointing Out That Snyder Is Terrible

Daniel Snyder Washington Redskins

Photo: AP

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder wants a reporter for the Washington City Paper fired, because he published an article detailing the many faults of Daniel Snyder.The article, written by longtime D.C. reporter Dave McKenna, was titled “The Cranky Redskins Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder,” and was essentially a list of dozens of complaints about Snyder, the Redskins, the marketing business that provided his wealth, and the awful ways they have often treated customers and employees.

It was the basis for this post we published back in October. We actually had to leave a lot of terrible stuff out.

Now Snyder is rightfully taking even more heat for looking like a petulant, thin-skinned bully — all charges that were authoritatively laid out by McKenna’s piece. As others have pointed out, his complaints are only serving to draw more attention to a four-month old article in a lightly read alt-weekly paper. For a businessman as successful as Snyder, he sure hasn’t learned how to take criticism or handle PR.

Snyder sent a letter to the paper and their hedge fund owners complaining about the coverage and threatened legal action, but didn’t get McKenna’s first name right. No lawsuit has been filed yet, but Snyder’s lawyers claim that one is in the works and their letter reads like a thinly-veiled blackmail threat. (“We presume that defending such litigation would not be a rational strategy for an investment fund such as yours. Indeed, the cost of litigation would presumably quickly outstrip the asset value of the Washington City Paper.“)

The paper continues to stand by the story. (They’ve also published the letters and their response.)

His lawyers are also going after the Washington Post, because McKenna is friends with Post blogger Dan Steinberg who may have — gasp! — agreed to link to McKenna’s piece before it was published.

The Post responded with this op-ed thanking Snyder for his management of the Redskins … written by a New York Giants fan.

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