A Hedge Fund Manager Is Suing His Ex-Wife Over Her $1 Million 'Secret' Shoe Collection

Beth ShakBeth Shak seen wearing a pair of Christian Louboutins.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

You’ve heard about the dividing of marital assets during a divorce case, but what about throwing used shoes in that category?Well, used high-end heels, that is.

Hedge fund manager Daniel Shak, an avid poker player and the founder of New York-based SHK Asset Management, is suing his ex-wife Beth Shak over a collection of designer heels he says she kept hidden from him, ABC News reports

It’s been three years since their divorce and now Daniel claims Beth– who is also a poker player who has played in the World Series–kept her collection hidden in a “secret room” when they lived together, according to the report.

However, she says he knew about her master bathroom closet. 

Beth’s massive stash of size 7s is said to consist of 1,200 pairs including 700 Christian Louboutins— the ones with the signature scarlet soles.  Speaking of which, she reportedly has a tattoo of a Louboutin in a “private area” of her body, according to ABC.

What’s more is Beth was even featured in the 2011 documentary film “God Save My Shoes” alongside celebrities such as Fergie and Kelly Rowland.    

Daniel estimates his ex’s collection is worth about $1 million and he thinks he should have a 35% slice.

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