Daniel Ricciardo just got Gerard Butler to do a shoey at the US grand prix

Photo: Clive Mason/ Getty Images.

Australian motor racing champ Daniel Ricciardo may have finished third at the US Grand Prix in Austin but he has continued his “shoey” celebratory tradition nonetheless.

This time however he did one better and conned Hollywood star Gerard Butler into doing the Aussie shoe-drinking celebration.

After presenting the winner’s trophy to Lewis Hamilton on the podium, Ricciardo stepped in and offered Butler — who doesn’t drink alcohol — a sip of his sponsor’s energy drink from his shoe.

“I hear Mr Butler does not drink alcohol, I respect that completely. But I believe he’s going to drink some Red Bull out of my shoe right now,” Ricciardo told the crowd.

“The race wasn’t that exciting, but hopefully now.”

To this, Butler took the shoe and before drinking from it said: “Listen I love Red Bull, but you’ve got to be kidding me… I hate you.”

This progression of photos says it all.

Photo: Lars Baron/ Getty Images.
Photo: Clive Mason/ Getty Images.
Photo: Clive Mason/ Getty Images.
Photo: Clive Mason/ Getty Images.

Good sport.

The shoey became Ricciardo’s signature after first doing it on the podium at the German GP in August.

It was a strange sight for non-Australian viewers, but Ricciardo explained why he did it after the race.

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