Star Architect Has Another Stunning Holocaust Monument On The Way

Architect Daniel Libeskind’s stunning design was selected last week for the National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa, Canada.

We’ve got pictures of it below, but first let’s look at the Jewish architect’s other prominent Holocaust monuments.

Libeskind, who is known for sharp, angular landmarks such as Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum and the original design for One World Trade Center, started his most famous work in 1989 at the Jewish Museum Berlin.

The design of this museum, which looks like an exploded Star of David, seems to reflect the experiences of the Jews in Germany. Some exhibition spaces are light-filled and airy, while others — the spaces that memorialize the Holocaust — are dark, disorienting, and solemn.

Aerial View of Jewish Museum Berlin(c) Guenter SchneiderThe Jewish Museum in Berlin.

The facade of the Jewish Museum in Berlin is marked by jagged lines which evoke a 6-pointed Jewish Star.

JMB Next to Original Baroque Building Jewish Museum Berlin(c) BitterBredtThe Jewish Museum in Berlin.

“What is important is the experience you get from it. The interpretation is open,” Libeskind said of his architecture.

Libeskind, who is Jewish, also designed a Holocaust monument in Ohio, the Holocaust and Liberators Memorial at the Ohio Statehouse, which will open on June 2nd. To reach this 1,029-square-foot monument, which also portrays the shape of a Jewish star, visitors will walk up a sloped pathway that is lined with inspirational quotes.

Courtesy of Studio Daniel LibeskindDaniel Libeskind’s Holocaust and Liberators Memorial at the Ohio Statehouse.

Now, Libeskind has unveiled the designs for anotherHolocaust monument in Ottawa, Canada, that’s set to open in 2015. Shaped like anelongated Star of David, the design of the National Holocaust Monument issomewhat similar to Libeskind’s design for Berlin’s Jewish Museum. Visitors will walk through the triangular spaces while reflecting on photos of Holocaust sites and victims sunk into the concrete walls.

“Through the transformative power of architecture, I believe this monument will become an important place for memory, remembrance and the celebration of the resilience of the human spirit,” Libeskind said in a statement.

The monument is configured in the shape of an elongated Jewish star, with six points.

Each triangle of the star is composed of giant concrete pillars.

People will be able to walk through these triangular spaces.

The walls of the monument will be lined with photos commemorating the Holocaust.

The National Holocaust Monument will be “a place of memory and mourning, honouring and commemorating,” according to Studio Daniel Libeskind.

The new exhibit is expected to cost up to $US8.5 million to build and is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015.

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