Danica Patrick Was Consistent But Came Up Short At The End

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Below is a look at the positions of Danica Patrick and Jimmie Johnson throughout the Daytona 500*.  Considering her lack of experience in the Sprint Cup series, Patrick was extremely consistent all race, only briefly falling out of the top 10 on a couple of occasions.

Johnson also showed a high level of consistency, stalking the leaders in positions 5-10 for most of the second-half of the race. In the final 10 laps, both Johnson and Patrick pushed to the front, but it was Johnson that grabbed the checkered flag as Patrick fell off the pace on the final lap…

2013 Daytona 500, NASCAR

Photo: Cork Gaines

*For the first 190 laps, data was sampled approximately once every five laps, adjusted for cautions and commercial breaks. The final 10 laps represent position as drivers crossed the start-finish line.

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