D'Angelo Russell pokes fun at himself in new commercial over controversial video he made of a teammate

Foot Locker came out with a funny commercial that highlights the experience of rookies in the NBA by taking a comedic approach to an encounter between Ben Simmons, the player expected to be taken first in this year’s draft, and second-year players Karl Anthony-Towns, Devin Booker, and D’Angelo Russell.

In the commercial, Simmons asks the other players for advice on making the transition to the NBA. When it is Russell’s turn, he takes Simmons’ phone and throws it in a pool, saying “trust me.”

This is a reference to the controversy Russell made during his rookie year when he filmed a video of Lakers teammate Nick Young talking about other women while engaged to rapper Iggy Azalea. That video later ended up on social media.


Coincidentally, Azelea and Young broke up this week, with Azalea citing an inability to rebuild trust in him.

Perhaps not coincidentally, after the Foot Locker commercial was made public, Young posted what appears to be a sarcastic response, “real funny,” to Twitter.


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