D’Angelo and Maya Rudolph performed the most beautiful Prince tribute on ‘The Tonight Show’

D'angelo prince

The tributes to an artist as monumental as Prince can feel overwhelming, but this one is absolutely worth your time.

On Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” Tuesday night, the singer D’Angelo performed “Sometimes It Snows in April,” off Prince’s “Parade.” He was joined by the comedic actress Maya Rudolph and singer Gretchen Lieberum, doing backup vocals.

It’s not a hit, but that’s what makes D’Angelo’s version all the more fresh and heartrending. On the brink of tears while playing the piano and singing, he makes the ballad about Prince, changing a line to: “I often dream of heaven and I know that Prince is there.”

D’Angelo gave Prince the sung eulogy he deserved. Watch it below.



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