A Russian Journalist Says That This Acrobatic Dancer-Scientist Is Putin's Secret Daughter

Putin's secret daughterNew KaliningradOn the right, the woman who might be Putin’s secret daughter.

Russian jouranlist Oleg Kashin believes that he has discovered Putin’s secret daughter.

In a new article titled “She” (or «Она» in Russian if you will), Kashin writes how he believes that two women — who share the same name — are actually the same person: Yekaterina Putin.

“The biographic details of the three Yekaterinas — Putin, Tihonova-dancer, Tihonova-scientist … are all connected into one biography, and yes, it is one woman,” Kashin writes.

He connects an acrobatic dancer by the name of Yekaterina Tihonova with a scientist and director of a company called “Иннопрактика” by the name of Yekaterina Tihonova who is currently leading the expansion of Moscow State University.

The whereabouts of Tihonova-the-dancer is uncertain — Kashin reports she was born in 1986 — and the past of Tihonova-the-scientist is shady, writes Kashin.

Yekaterina Tihonovavia Oleg Kashin/KashinYekaterina Tihonova the scientist during the Moscow University expansion.

Kashin makes the connection between dancer and scientist through the fact that Tihonova-the-scientist is currently the Vice President of Acrobatic Rock ‘N’ Roll.

“I do not know who that is,” the press spokesman of Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, said about Yekaterina Tihonova to Forbes Russia. “So far, a bunch of girls have come forth ad Vladmir Putin’s daughters.”

Another fun fact: Yekaterina Tihonova the scientist was at Davos as a plus one of Kyrill Shamalov, which Kashin writes “let’s consider this, just another form of the conspiracy.”

In any case, here are some photos and videos of the woman who might be Putin’s secret daughter:

Here’s is a photo obtained by Oleg Kashin:

Here is Yekaterina Tihonova’s dancing:

And then there is some of this:

And a little more:

Here is the full video of her routine:

And here’s Yekaterina Tihonova the scientist at the Acrobatic Rock ‘N’ Roll:

Yekaterina Tihonovavia Oleg Kashin/KashinYekaterina Tihonova at the Acrobatic Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Check out Kashin’s full story.

Note: At the time of this post’s publication, Kashin’s article was not opening for some in Russia, according to several people who spoke to Business Insider.

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