Dana White Would Sign Alistair Overeem If He Could

Dana White took questions from UFC fans and media this week at a Toronto press conference. The name Alistair Overeem was brought up to the UFC president and the questioner wanted to know when he’s coming to the UFC. Not only was White complimentary towards Overeem, he said he’d sign him if he could.

This is news on a few different levels. I think this shows most importantly the ascension of Alistair Overeem and his relevance among casual MMA fans. For the last three years it was Fedor, Fedor, Fedor. Whether fans have moved on from Fedor Emelianenko or have just come to the conclusion that it isn’t happening, the focus among many MMA fans seems to be seeing the UFC sign Alistair Ovreem.

 Another newsworthy component here was Dana White‘s answer. In the past White would get angry when asked about signing Fedor and would at times cut a promo as to why Fedor is overrated. There was no anger here at all. White said he respected Overeem and said flat out, “If I could get him in the UFC, I’d do it.” White also prefaced this by saying he always wants the best guys. Interesting answer from a guy that rarely offers other fighters outside of the UFC compliments.

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