UFC president Dana White's new contract following sale of the company is a monster

On Monday, news broke that UFC has sold to WME-IMG for a whopping $4 billion and now we are starting to get a better idea of just how much UFC president Dana White will make in the deal.

White’s new contract with UFC is for 5 years, but instead of getting a fixed salary, he will receive 9% of total net profits of the company, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. The new deal will give White the incentive to continue growing the company. Simply put, the more money the company makes, the more money White gets to put in his bank account.

Rovell did some maths to figure out how much White could earn yearly and came up with the following:

“Based on a ballpark estimate of what other entertainment businesses net after costs, the UFC bottom line could be in the $200 million range. That would make White’s yearly take to start about $18 million on top of his cash out [of ~$360 million from the initial sale of the company].”

Rovell goes on to say that Roger Goodell, who’s infamous for earning huge yearly salaries and bonuses, earned, on average, $21 million per year in the 10 years that he’s been NFL Commissioner. In other words, White is not far behind in terms of earnings, and he could easily equal and surpass that number as he continues to grow the company.

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